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USA - Higher Examinations

AWCF Examinations - North America


In October 2009 a very successful session for the higher examinations (AWCF and FWCF) was held at the Heartlands Horseshoeing School at Lamar, Missouri. One candidate was awarded his FWCF and three others achieved the AWCF. Four more passed one of the AWCF modules, a major step to achieving the AWCF.

Further sets have followed when there was sufficient interest to make the session viable.  The results of all the examinations in USA were as follows:

Year Location AWCF achieved AWCF Modules achieved FWCF achieved
2009 Heartlands Horseshoeing School 3 4 1
2011 Heartlands Horseshoeing School 3 -
2012 Heartlands Horseshoeing School 3 - -
2013 Kentucky Horseshoeing School 2  2 -
2014   Insufficient interest - -
2015 Kentucky Horseshoeing School 4 4 -
2016 Kentucky Horseshoeing School 2 2 -

Nineteen US farriers have now achieved their AWCF qualification from examinations held in the USA.  

Future plans:

Following a set of exams in Kentucky in October 2016, a further set is planned, if there is sufficient interest, in October 2017.  This is planned for the period 20-22 October 2017.  A bare minimum of 24 modules are required to make this viable.  Those interested should contact Mitch Taylor AWCF or the WCF Assistant Registrar (Higher Examinations) as soon as possible.

The outline planned programme for next October (2017) may be downloaded from this link.  Please note that the timings may have to change due to weather and other variables.  The final programme as updated will be posted on this web site before the examinations.   

The syllabus and all the guidance notes, including the notes and rules for strikers, can be found under Examinations - AWCF on this web site.

Please read the Requirements section below carefully. Use only the current Application Forms downloaded from this website and not, please, outdated ones which you may have been sent, or copied from previous years.


All candidates for the AWCF are usually required to hold the DipWCF, which is awarded to those who have held the AFA CJF qualification for more than 2 years. Due to the regulated nature of farriery in Great Britain, the FITS ASF examination is not recognised by the FRC or the WCF for any WCF reciprocity award.  For those NOT holding the AFA CJF then the 'AWCF Fast Track' system may be used.  See the AWCF page.  For those holding the AFA CJF, application is required on the CJF-DipWCF Application Form, together with a copy of their AFA CJF Certificate, and the fee should be paid using the Credit/Debit Card facility*.  The Application Form and AFA CJF Certificate may be scanned and emailed as attachments to WCF Assistant Registrar (Higher Examinations).  Applicants must be farriers of good standing with the AFA and be able to make the declaration on the application form.  The award of the DipWCF can take some time so overseas applicants wishing to take the AWCF should start this process as early as possible.  Diploma Certificates are usually presented by the Senior Examiner at the start of the AWCF examination session.

*Note: If your card transaction fails, it is usually your bank stopping the transaction.  If not it may also be that you are not inserting the billing address of your credit card correctly.  If you ring the bank and authorise the payment, and ensure your address details are exactly correct, the payment system will then work.  If you do not receive an e-mail from the WCF which is a referenced receipt, then the payment has not been made.

Candidates who then wish to apply for the AWCF should initially pay for the module(s) they wish to take using the Credit/Debit Card facility* on the web site. Candidates will also need to download and complete the AWCF (USA) Application Form, which should be scanned and e-mailed to WCF Assistant Registrar (Higher Examinations). The Assistant Registrar (Higher Examinations) will accept applications for the AWCF at the same time as the DipWCF, but the AWCF applications cannot be processed without the DipWCF Application Form and Fee*. 

North American Farriers who are interested in future WCF examinations should initially contact WCF Assistant Registrar (Higher Examinations), or Chris Gregory FWCF or Mitch Taylor AWCF