The Worshipful
Company of Farriers

Promoting the welfare of the horse since 1356

Charitable Trust

The Worshipful Company of Farriers Charitable Trust 1994

The Worshipful Company of Farriers Charitable Trust 1994 is a charitable, unincorporated charity registered under the Charities Act 1993. The registered number is 1044726. The charity is governed by a Trust Deed dated 14 December 1994.
The objects of the Trust are:

The training and education of Farriers and prospective Farriers in the skill and performance of their craft or profession and the promotion of proficiency among Farriers.

The relief of poverty, hardship, sickness and suffering among Farriers and their wives, widows, issue of such persons and those who in the opinion of the trustee are dependants of Farriers or prospective Farriers or of deceased Farriers.
The relief of suffering and distress of horses.

Applications for assistance from the Trust should be directed in the first instance in writing to the Clerk at 19 Queen Street, Chipperfield, Herts, WD4 9BT.