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WCF News: Foot Balance Course

21st January 2016

Foot Balance Course

WCF Foot Balance Course

On Thursday 21st January, the Worshipful Company of Farriers held a Foot Balance course at Warwickshire College’s Moreton Morrell Campus. Mark Watson AWCF headed up a strong team of tutors: Kevin Willard FWCF, Stewart Armstrong FWCF and Jon Nunn AWCF. Fifteen farriers, ranging from newly qualified to highly experienced, attended the course.

The day started with an Introductory Lecture from Mark Watson, after which the attendees divided into groups of 4, and performed a static and dynamic assessment of 4 horses, each with one of the tutors. Each group also decided on the correct trimming and shoeing plan for each horse. Once the groups had assessed all 4 horses they returned to the specific horse allocated to them, and shod the horse according to the agreed plan, with some farriers choosing to make their own shoes, and others adapting readymade shoes. Once the shoeing was complete, the groups assessed each horse again, noting the improvements achieved by their shoeing.

The attendees showed tremendous enthusiasm, and it was inspiring to witness the high level of engagement, passion and skill shown by all. The feedback received so far has been extremely positive, and there is a strong demand for us to repeat the event.